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Caddy Concepts’ Portable Laundry Hamper

 is both a hamper and laundry cart with pop-up handle, 4-inch wheels, and durable water resistant construction. This innovative and unique portable bin has a large storage capacity and can also be used for transporting sports equipment, groceries, toys, and beach gear.

What People are Saying About Caddy Concepts’ Laundry Hamper

"I live on the top floor of an apartment building in New York City. The caddy is great because it makes transporting my laundry downstairs and to the laundromat much easier and faster. I’m glad I got this item and recommend it to everyone who lives in an apartment building in the city."

Jennifer M. - New York, NY

"The caddy replaces my laundry hamper, laundry bag and laundry cart. There is no need to have all three when the caddy is all three in one. Great product, very convenient and easy to use!"

Michelle P. - Chicago, IL

"The caddy is great because it’s a cart that collapses down and can be used for rolling many different items including laundry, toys, groceries, food, etc. Great product!"

Christine B. - Atlanta, GA
Caddy Concepts portable laundry hamper
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